Customer testimonies



DI (FH) Martin Karner – Area Manager Production Weitzer Parquet GmbH & Co KG (one of the largest manufacturers of parquet flooring in Europe), 8160 Weiz, has been using MERLIN high pressure air humidification systems for many years:


„...we have been using MERLIN humidifiers for many years. a result of the simple and energy-saving use of these systems, better material-yields and less sickness absence, the systems have already paid for themselves within a very short period of time..."

DI Norbert Estermann – Owner of Estermann Druck GmbH, 4971 Aurolzmünster swears by MERLIN high pressure air humidification:


„...the right ambient humidity is hugely important with the high printing speed that we have. Since the installation of the MERLIN total concept ”Air humidification and water treatment" we can now fully exploit the maximum printing capacities of our machines..."

Josef Pils - Owner Rapid Holztechnik GmbH, 4432 Ernsthofen says:


„...purchasing the Merlin air humidification was a very significant step for us. Since then there has been a considerable reduction in the rate of errors and rejects and dust exposure in our company. Sickness absence has also been measurably reduced, and our employees clearly feel better. The investments in this system have already paid for themselves within 12 months!"