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Continuity for the best climate

MERLIN is once again the first choice for Bene Office Furniture

Erfahrung schafft Vertrauen. Seit über 10 Jahren zeigt die MERLIN-Technology bei Bene beeindruckende Wirkung. Auch die neue MICRO-DROP Hochdruck-Luftbefeuchtung sorgt bereits nach kurzer Zeit für ein erfreuliches Echo. ...

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High-performance premium quality:

MERLIN Core – ultimate air humidification

Tried-and-tested technology, high performance and superb quality of the modules make the MERLIN Core high-pressure air humidifier interesting for printers, craftsmen and small and medium-sized companies.

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MERLIN customers report:

Air humidification reduces the number of work days lost to illness

Deterioration in performance, tiredness, dizziness and headaches are the typical first consequences of poor ambient air. On the other hand, a good climate makes a decisive contribution towards reducing the number of days that staff are absent from work due to illness.

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Invested with foresight:

Stiepel benefits from MERLIN® air humidification

The printing and paper processing company from Traun is achieving significantly paper flows with CORE high-pressure air humidification by MERLIN® Technology.

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Quality for people, machines and materials

Once again, high-tech manufacturing relies on MERLIN

The LIST Group swears by the best technology, which is why it makes no compromises when it comes to creating the perfect climate. …

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Production plant in Hungary equipped with air humidification system

VELUX relies on MERLIN

In more than 70 nations many renowned companies rely upon the products and the know-how of the MERLIN Technology GmbH every day. One of these ...

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For the sake of paper:

Double the output with air humidification

MERLIN customers report an increase in productivity, a drastically reduced static charge and a shorter amortisation period.

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Quick, precise, simple:

Experts turn to MERLIN EVO

The non-destructive moisture meter delivers reliable results in the shortest time.

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Large order:

Weltmuseum Wien follows in the footsteps of the Belvedere

What will the Belvedere and the Weltmuseum Wien have in common in the future? Visitors will be able to breathe air that has been humidified by MERLIN® Technology throughout!

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St. Petersburg calling:

Air humidification for Russian industrial-scale printing plant

One of the largest printing plants in Russia is a loyal customer of MERLIN Technology and has been able to increase its productivity with our ALPHA high-pressure air humidification.

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