Natural evaporation for ideal ambient climate

Rotation lamella air humidification not only ensures a natural, aerosol-free (i.e. fog-free) ambient humidity, it can also be used to regulate the temperature of the emitted air to support ventilation, air conditioning and heating systems.

The basic physical principle of rotation lamella air humidification is simple. The rotation lamella evaporator lies in a humidification trough supplied with water. As cold air enters, it is warmed by an integrated heating unit to create evaporation energy. A UV disinfector ensures that only sterile water is evaporated. Rotating lamellas scoop a precise percent of moisture into the ambient air and keep the air humidity constant. This design principle ensures along with ideal relative humidity also tested, maximum hygiene.

Your benefits:

  • Can be integrated into existing air conditioning solutions and home ventilation systems
  • Can be used as a standalone solution
  • Hygiene tested and certified
  • Integrated reverse osmosis and UV disinfection
  • Electronic signal output
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy installation


The merlin® rotating lamella air humidification system