Standardised production conditions

In wood processing certain climatic conditions are a basic pre-requisite for guaranteeing the highest quality requirements. With MERLIN Technology GmbH air humidification systems these requirements are fulfilled and safeguarded in the best possible way.


Special directives now apply to the manufacture of windows and external doors in Germany – the so-called CE standard. This states that products must conform to the European product standard and the properties stated by the manufacturer (on-site production monitoring) and also to the determined classes in accordance with EN 14351-1:2006.

It is also a question of compliance with manufacturing tolerances in accordance with DIN 68100 and tolerance requirements in accordance with DIN 68121. Wood must be surface-treated in accordance with the standards for varnishes and coating materials DIN EN 927-1. Wood humidity of 13 +/- 2 % must be complied with. In order that windows are suitable for outdoor use, they must not only be processed exactly, but must also be extremely dimensionally stable. This only works if the wood equilibrium moisture content >> matches exactly. Constant relative air humidity of 60 per cent is therefore necessary during production. A climate that MERLIN air humidification systems >> achieve with the lowest energy consumption and great reliability.