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Aerosol disinfection


Aerosol disinfection by merlin®

The merlin® aerosol-disinfection technology offers two new, hygienic solutions for several applications: zeroX and zeroXR combine humidification with room disinfection, as well as the possibility of performing a hygienic flushing of your merlin® humidification system by yourself:

zeroX aerosol disinfection

Upgrading your merlin® direct-room humidification system

The stationary system zeroX, which can be integrated into existing merlin® air humidification systems, is not only a cost-effective way of disinfecting rooms using your existing system, but also enables you to carry out maintenance-required hygiene flushing yourself.

  • Suitable for room disinfection
  • Perform hygienic flushing of your merlin® direct room humidification system
  • Integration into existing merlin® system possible
  • Self-installation possible
  • Installation on aluminum profile frame
  • Dosing capacity adjustable in proportion to the flow rate in ppm (mg/l)
  • Incl. magnetic diaphragm dosing pump, flow meter and check valve
  • Incl. suction lance (can be used for up to 30 l canister) and installation material

zeroXR aerosol disinfection

Mobile stand-alone system with ultrasonic humidification

The portable ultrasonic humidification system zeroXR offers a quick and location-independent room disinfection or can also be used as a conventional humidifier.

  • Suitable for humidifying and room disinfection
  • Plug & Play
  • Assembly in protected and lockable aluminum transport box
  • 3 l disinfectant container with integrated hand pump and manometer
  • Incl. 4 removable manifolds & 45° outlet bends
  • Incl. remote control unit for adjustable output
  • Special design with reinforced gaskets

zeroXR in action

zeroXR instruction

The uniform aerosol disinfection is a helpful and substantial addition to conventional wipe-down disinfection, which aims at sterile ambient air and surfaces. Even hidden and hard to reach areas can be disinfected with it.

By constantly adding disinfectant to your humidification system, you get air humidification and room disinfection in one. The concentration of the approved disinfectants is very low and permissible according to the drinking water ordinance. By complying with the legal regulations, the workplace concentration is not exceeded and there is no danger to persons at any time, even during operation.

To purchase liquid disinfectants, please contact a manufacturer directly. Please note that the disinfectant to be considered, must be approved for such use by the local authorities. For the dosage of the disinfectants, please consult with the manufacturer. To avoid showing any preference to a manufacturer, we do not wish to recommend a specific disinfectant product.

Aerosol disinfection is a helpful and substantial addition to conventional forms of application. It is not intended to replace cleaning procedures or traditional wipe-down disinfection.