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Measuring devices

merlin® – a measurable advantage

Our product range includes accurate devices for the end user as well as for the professional sector:

Moisture is everywhere

In the air, and in materials such as wooden beams, parquet, veneers, plaster, paper or cardboard and, of course, in food. A certain degree of moisture is highly desirable here. But special hygroscopic materials change their form and their properties when the ambient air is too dry. These undesirable consequences can become very expensive.

merlin® has specialized in humidity measuring technology since 1996. Our portable measuring devices enjoy an outstanding reputation and are exported to more than 70 countries.


Your benefits:

  • Fast, precise results
  • Non-destructive measurement of material moisture
  • Individual, simple characteristic selection
  • Convenient small format
  • Large digital display
  • Automatic switch off
  • Automatic regulation of ambient and material temperature
  • Battery operation
  • Data recording