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Continuity for the best climate

Merlin is once again the first choice for Bene Office Furniture

Experience generates trust. Merlin Technology has been making an impression on Bene for over 10 years. The new MICRO-DRO high-pressure air humidification ...

"Modern working methods require modern office space solutions. We therefore combine quality with innovative technology,” is the text which appears on Bene office furniture’s homepage. The trendsetter in its industry therefore knows precisely what matters. A proven philosophy which does not stop before production at Waidhofen an der Ybbs either. Because only branded equipment which fulfils quality assurance requirements in every respect is used here.

And this has been the case for a long time. To prevent beech veneer drying out and warping, Bene invested in a merlin air humidification system  over 10 years ago. A decision which would quickly pay off. "Since then, we have been happy to notice fewer crack formations and a reduction in reworking in gluing the edges of the face veneer. As wooden edges are also stored here, this also prevents cracking and breaking of edges during processing on the edge gluing machines," Segment Managing Director Dipl. Ing. (FH) Karl Zankl remarks contentedly.

When it was an issue of decreasing the dust exposure in a paintshop measuring 2000 m², the quality brand merlin® was chosen yet again. "We did not opt for the least expensive provider. But the competent planning and the longstanding experience with Merlin Technology convinced us and we were not disappointed," states the Segment Managing Director of Bene Office Furniture. The new MICRO-DROP high-pressure air humidification system ensured satisfaction in the workforce and increased efficiency in production straight away. "The system also ran in summer and gave the employees a pleasant climate. With the perceptibly lower exposure to dust, we were able to reduce extra work during the varnishing process considerably," confirms Zankl.

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