Success Stories

For the sake of paper:

Double the output with air humidification

Brüggershemke + Reinkemeier KG (B+R for short) from Gütersloh is a world-renowned professional for C-material. The key disciplines of this family business include the production of printing and advertising material. No form of innovation escapes B+R. The Gütersloh-based business has therefore placed its trust in an air humidification system from MERLIN and is already reaping the rewards. “We have been able to double the output of pre-printed paper from 6,000 to 12,000 sheets per hour because static charge has been entirely eliminated from the inlet and outlet feed,” says an impressed Rolf Schöning, head of printing and advertising material at B+R Gütersloh. The company has also benefitted from a dramatic reduction in dust, less paper waste and increased reliability with straight and angular cut edges. “The paper retains its moisture overnight and does not become wavy. This makes cutting considerably easier,” says Schöning who reckons on an amortisation period of less than 3 years. The French Art et caractère printing house is also renowned for its quality. After purchasing a MERLIN air humidification system, managers are very pleased with the results. “The machines and folding devices operate around 25% faster with weights of 50 to 110 gr/m² and the air in the printing room is cleaner. Paper blockages and static charge are no longer an issue,” confirms technical director Claude Saint Sernin.

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