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Merlin in continuous operation

A good climate in Vienna at last

Humidification systems from Merlin Technology create a healthy atmosphere in Belvedere Castle, Vorderen Zollamtsstraße 13 and the World Museum Vienna.

Shortened evaporation distance requirements

What has long been an international success story is now making the rounds in the federal capital of Vienna: The patented ORBIT WING® system from Merlin Technology. The revolutionary high-pressure channel humidification system from Upper Austria has been doing a great job in both Schloss Belvedere and Vorderen Zollamtsstraße 13 in the third district since the beginning of this year. "Constant humidity not only benefits people, but also valuable exhibits and sensitive materials," knows engineer Franz Schrems, Technical Manager at MERLIN® Technology. With shorter evaporation distance requirements and high efficiency, the Micro Drop ORBIT WING® system saves space, costs and up to 90% energy compared to electric steam humidifiers. "In addition, we have successfully implemented our FORTE ultrasonic humidification in Belvedere Castle," said Schrems.


Collective sigh of relief

Mainly journalists and marketing specialists carry out their daily jobs in Vorderen Zollamtsstraße 13. They, too, can now heave a sigh of relief and breathe in deeply. "The humidity in the offices had dropped to a dramatic 20 percent in winter. Such values can be strongly described as unhealthy. With our humidification systems, we now achieve a constant 40 percent at 22 °C," explained Schrems. A total of three existing central air systems in Vorderen Zollamtsstraße 13 were retrofitted with humidification systems from Merlin Technology. "We have adapted two ORBIT WING® systems and the FORTE ultrasonic humidification system exactly to the requirements on site and mastered space challenges with flexibility. After fine-tuning everything, it has been running perfectly since mid-February and the feedback is very pleasing," said Schrems.        


Next major order

Merlin Technology is currently handling a major order at the World Museum in Vienna that will open its doors again in the autumn of 2017. No less than 24 humidification systems will provide the tourists and exhibits with an excellent climate. Ten ultrasonic humidifiers are used to achieve a constant basic humidity level in the exhibition rooms. An additional challenge is posed by the partly draughty rooms and windows, which are listed as historic monuments. Once again, Merlin Technology provides the solution. "We use fourteen decentralised rotary lamellae humidifiers to compensate for the loss of moisture," confirmed Schrems.

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