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Success Stories

Customer solution for the University of Music

Special requirements demand exceptional solutions. The Alpha humidification system and customer-specific software enable Merlin Technology to control each classroom at the Nuremberg University of Music individually.

New window insulations in the old building led to expectations of a drop in indoor humidity in winter, which would not be acceptable for the sensitive wooden instruments. This meant that each classroom should be individually adjustable in terms of air conditioning, temperature and target humidity. Merlin Technology – the humidification specialist – got to work where others had to give up. "Our in-house IT department developed a software solution that is precisely tailored to this large-scale project. Each classroom can now be controlled, regulated and monitored individually," said Johann Reisinger, Managing Director of Merlin Technology.

Enormous dimensions

During the renovation, no fewer than 110 humidifiers were integrated in 108 rooms over 5 floors. "Using the freely programmable PLC control system and an innovative BUS concept for controlling the 13 decentralised control cabinets, we have succeeded in achieving individual humidity control," explained Franz Schrems, Technical Manager at Merlin Technology. About 3 km of high-pressure hose and 4.5 km of sensor cable were laid. The successful handover took place in September 2017. "The new climate in the classrooms benefits not only the instruments, but also the musicians. Optimum humidity is healthy and simply better for teaching," said Fabian Götzer, the engineer responsible for planning at IB Scholz. 



Johann Reisinger (CEO Merlin Technology) and Franz Schrems (Technical director Merlin Technology)