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Success Stories

Stiepel benefits from MERLIN® air humidification

Stiepel is one of the most top-quality printing and paper processing companies in Austria and supplies its products and special solutions as far as Bavaria, Liechtenstein and Switzerland. The folding and further processing of printed products is one of the core skills of this full-service provider. "When people place orders with us, they don't have to worry", says managing director Gerhard Schweigkofler. At Stiepel, not only do they know what customers require; these professionals also know what paper needs. "If it can acclimatise, it can be processed better. For this, you need proper air humidification", states Schweigkofler. The choice fell on CORE high-pressure air humidification by MERLIN® Technology. "The system convinced our printing manager Heinz Binder and I had a good gut feeling straight away. All promises are kept completely and without complications", says the company director happily, naming the satisfying effects. "The constant good humidity results in a better paper flow and makes the life of the printer easier, especially during the heating periods. In summer, we bank upon a pleasant cooling effect with the spraying", says Schweigkofler, who happily quotes an industry colleague. "You have chosen the Mercedes of air humidification." The proven technology, high performance and first-class quality of the modules in the CORE system reinforce what he says.     


STIEPEL DRUCKEREI UND PAPIERVERARBEITUNG GMBHPrinting manager Heinz Binder and managing director Gerhard Schweigkofler


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