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MERLIN customers report:

Air humidification reduces the number of work days lost to illness

Occupational health specialists are raising the alarm! This is due to the fact that breathable air indoors often leaves a lot to be desired. One study on the quality of ambient air in offices confirms that, when air conditioning systems are used, the air produced is generally far too dry.

According to the study, relative humidity is lower than 40 percent in eight out of ten air-conditioned offices *). In practice, this can have a detrimental effect on performance at work and a negative impact on employees' health. This is because air that is too dry causes illness **).

Humidification of ambient air provides a solution to the problem, as MERLIN customers can confirm. "The Micro-Drop air humidification system in our production and warehouse provides a much better climate for our staff, and the problem of particulate matter has been greatly reduced. We are seeing a real drop in the number of sick days taken, and the goods are no longer drying out," says Eng. Christian Waldner from the wood industry giant Pfeifer Holz, who is delighted with the development.

Based on its previous experiences, Scheucher Holzindustrie is also investing in another MERLIN air humidification system. After installing one such system in the production hall, the parquet manufacturer's office building was next in line. "We recognise the value of air humidification in our halls and private homes, and have been won over by the MERLIN quality. Our health is the most valuable thing we possess, and it is placed under great stress in winter due to excessively dry air. With the Micro-Drop air humidification system we are now enjoying a pleasant and healthy working environment," says Plant Manager Karl Kaufmann.



*) Source: a3 E C O, edition 12/2013, page 25**) Source: Der Bürotipp, 21/January/2008

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