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Quality for people, machines and materials

Once again, high-tech manufacturing relies on MERLIN

The LIST Group swears by the best technology, which is why it makes no compromises when it comes to creating the perfect climate.

As we all know, history cannot be made overnight – not even by the Lower Austrian LIST Group, whose roots lie in the establishment of a small joiner´s workshop in the 1950s. However, consistency, coupled with a pioneering spirit have led to an unrivalled success story, to which a member of the Group LIST Components & Furniture GmbH, has contributed a most impressive chapter. Nowadays, this company is an innovative international leader in high-end and luxury interior fittings for business travel aircraft, currently producing the world’s most state-of-the-art interior fittings for private jets, thereby doubling its production areas. Due to the fact that investments are only made in prestigious brands and the best technology, the family enterprise was not prepared to make any compromises when creating the perfect climate for people, materials and machines, and opted with conviction for MERLIN air humidification systems. As Technical Manager Johannes Beisteiner summarised: “With MERLIN being our longstanding supplier, we appreciate the quality of this brand all the more. The rapid response to our requirements, the smooth installation and tried-and-tested traditional quality have impressively confirmed our renewed trust."

Quality for people, machines and materials

LIST components & furniture invests in high-pressure ambient air humidification for production; in the offices, ultrasonic air humidification promotes quality of life in the workplace. A high degree of flexibility was also crucial in the awarding of the contract. "MERLIN was the only provider whose solution could be integrated into the existing architecture," Operations Manager Manfred Nagl emphasises. And only the best solution is good enough for LIST. The expectations of the new MERLIN air humidification systems are also accordingly high. "Eliminating climate fluctuations in the individual production areas will enable us to increase our quality further and additionally distinguish ourselves from the competition. We also expect a minimisation of emissions in the winter months," states Nagl.

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