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Schachermayer makes the whole business clearer

Quality is now also in the air

Schachermayer is one of the most successful family-owned companies in Austria. For the wholesale partner of wood and metalworking companies across Europe, only top quality is good enough. This is now literally in the air in the Schachermayer world of consulting in Linz.

Constant humidity achieved

"A great deal of wood is used in our world of consulting and the air was extremely dry. We responded to this and installed an humidification system from MERLIN® Technology. Since then, we have achieved a constant humidity of 50% across the entire exhibition area. Customers and employees simply feel more comfortable there, even during longer consultations for kitchens, floors or machines," confirmed Bernhard Hofer, head of retail sales at Schachermayer.

People can breathe easier

Melanie Humer, Product Manager of MERLIN® Technology knows the reasons for this. "Air that’s too dry is unhealthy for the respiratory tract and can irritate the skin or mucous membranes. Constant humidification is therefore important. Our Alpha and Core systems create a sense of well-being for people, material and machine.


Preventing serious damage

Bernhard Hofer knows the potential consequences that too dry air can have for the material from his own experience. "In the exhibition area of the floors, we noticed more and more bulges, and had to do something to prevent further damage. We’ve managed it with high-pressure humidification." By no means an isolated case, as Melanie Humer of MERLIN® Technology confirmed. "Furniture, doors and warehouse stocks can also be destroyed or even become a fire hazard under such circumstances.


The entire cycle of operations benefits

In order to reduce cracks, deformations, dust and defects during gluing or painting, adequate humidification is the key to it all." This applies to the entire cycle of operations of the material - from processing to the finished product. MERLIN® Technology high-pressure humidification systems are installed at Schachermayer, both in the machine park and in the world of consulting. "We’re not a manufacturing company, but we do want to demonstrate the immense importance of humidification to our visitors and recommend MERLIN® technology systems to them."


High-quality air for small offices

In the small offices of Schachermayer, the AIR-C60 units from MERLIN® Technology ensure an  improved indoor climate. They combine air scrubbers, humidifiers and air purifiers in one compact unit. "It can be inhaled really deeply into the lungs," said Hofer, pleased for his staff. The compelling experience with modern humidification systems has even led to Schachermayer also offering the products from MERLIN® Technology in its webshop.

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