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The HM9 wood moisture meter provides valuable information for higher quality in production and processing

Carpenters and wood processors can use the HM9 from Merlin Technology to better monitor the production process and to reliably analyse where air humidification would make sense.

The HM9 from Merlin Technology is a value for money wood moisture meter that can do a lot. It is designed perfectly for veneers, parquet, furniture and cuts, and has 21 pre-programmed wood groups. The world first in the veneer meter is the wood thickness preselection with 6 measurement depths between 0.5 and 3 mm, which can be set. The precise HM9 is therefore a valuable instrument for analysing the production process exactly and keeping the quality of the goods high. However, for carpenters and wood processors, it also provides usable answers to the question of where a modern air humidification system is required in operation.

Wood requires air humidification
Especially in the heating season, room air that is too dry can have fatal effects on the material.
In order to reduce cracks, deformations, dust and processing faults, adequate air humidification is indispensable. The new VISCORE high-pressure humidification system from Merlin Technology is the key to it all. Easy self-installation and intuitive menu navigation on the central PLC controller are as remarkable as the high pressure interval switching and the free adjustability of each individual zone.

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