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The LASER & more team enjoys a new indoor climate

The positive experiences of the Austrian company LASER & more show how valuable a modern air humidification system can be for a healthy working climate in production and in the office.

LASER & more has specialised in innovative sheet metal component production for 20 years. Laser welding, bending and 2D and 3D laser cutting are among the core skills of the well-known company that for a long time struggled with the indoor climate. "The dry and dusty air in production has posed problems for us over the years. In addition, the heat in the summer made things difficult for our employees", recalls Tanya Voytenko, authorised signatory and commercial manager at LASER & more. As part of a production area expansion, those responsible decided to install the VISCORE direct room humidification system from Merlin Technology. "We know this company as an innovative market leader in the field of air humidification systems and have valued them as a loyal customer and partner for years. The expertise and the reliable support convinced us from the very beginning", says Voytenko.

Employees breathe easy
After smooth project implementation, the entire production and the office have been air humidified since the middle of 2019. The positive effects were already felt immediately after commissioning. "We immediately noticed the clean air in production. Especially when it comes to breathing, all employees appreciated a significant difference. The slightly cooling effect in summer also feels good", emphasised Voytenko. Ms. Voytenko also appreciates the comprehensive support provided by Merlin Technology. "The operation and maintenance of the system were clearly and well explained. The system works very reliably and we always get quick support if we have questions." Voytenko can recommend Merlin Technology for other reasons as well. "We were won over by the company's many years of experience and research in the field of air humidification, its innovative spirit and customer-oriented service."

Humidification is not a luxury, but a necessity!

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