Facts to amaze the world


The nose is a sensitive sensory organ and responds to scents. Did you know that...

... dogs and mice produce odours to warn fellow species of dangers?
...even humans communicate danger through body odour? The key word being cold sweats!
...the smell of a person can determine whether you like or dislike someone straight away?
...our own individual, personal scent surrounds us from 1 to 2 metres away?
...personal smell reflects your genetic profile?
... sperm has scent receptors that respond to vaginal secretions?
... phrases such as ‘You get up my nose’ or ‘Just follow your nose’ show the effect of smells on our subconscious? the point of sale, scent marketing is being used more and more frequently?
... scent marketing has long been an exciting business line of Merlin Technology? Would you like to find out more? Simply get in touch and we will be happy to help!


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