Heading to the top of the world market

With its air humidification systems and measuring devices, MERLIN® Technology has long been established as a high-quality driver of innovation on the world market. Patents with a great deal of future potential and a number of certifications rarely seen in the industry speak for themselves. This is also true of the most recent audit, which MERLIN® Technology was once again able to pass with flying colours, and which attested to the complete quality assurance carried out by the company. According to CFO Johannes Part, "now we want to become world market leaders".

In order to achieve this, the family-run company is focussing on continuity and cooperation. The strategy for the next ten years is currently being developed together with an innovation assistant. The appointment of the young academic was actively supported by the province of Upper Austria. In addition, an external advisor has been provided to further develop the internal innovation structure. "This support package is only awarded to ten companies each year that demonstrate an above-average degree of innovation. In the future we want to maintain a high level of cooperation with universities and to continue to set the pace", explained Part.

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