The world watches open-mouthed

Horror stories continue to emerge as a result of the current refugee crisis. In the past, however, refugees have been forced to move in much larger numbers as part of crises which, in contrast to today, were handled very effectively.

Did you know that ...

  • at the start of the First World War, large numbers of refugees were already leaving their homes
  • and by the end of 1915, some 390,000 refugees had found shelter in Cisleithania, a region of Austria-Hungary, alone?
  • at that time many refugees were taken in to private homes, despite the extreme poverty of many of the local people?
  • in those days, sick and injured refugees were taken in by families, too?
  • people once risked their lives to take in refugees?
  • from 1945, up to 14 million people had to leave their homes in Eastern Europe and East-Central Europe?
  • before, during and after the Second World War, up to 60 million people in Europe lost their homes?
    even after the war countless refugees from different cultural backgrounds were taken in by families and formed friendships that would last a lifetime?


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