A hat-trick in 1 unit!

AIR-C60 makes room air perfect, three times over

Air washer, air humidifier and air cleaner combined in a single unit - is that possible?
YES, if the product comes from merlin®.  

The colder months are almost upon us, and with them dry and unhealthy air in offices and the fours walls of our homes.

But owners of the merlin® AIR-C60 can breathe easy.
The unit delivers excellent air through natural evaporation, which not only eases the lives of allergy sufferers. No more red eyes and dry throats.

An air washer, air humidifier and air cleaner in one unit guarantee an atmosphere that keeps you fresh and fit.
Pollutants are reliably removed with the Plasmawave® technology, whilst the Cleancel® cleaning disc has an antibacterial effect. Despite the diverse tasks it performs, the AIR-C60 is astonishingly compact and extremely quiet. Operation and maintenance are child’s play. The device operates automatically and is equipped with a timer display and sleep mode.

Our newsletter subscribers receive the AIR-C60 at a special offer price
of € 289, plus VAT and shipping, with all orders placed before the end of 2017.

Look forward to a healthy winter!

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