Champions League level:

Over 99% customer satisfaction

The evaluations of our feedback questionnaire and enthusiastic correspondence overwhelmingly confirm that customer satisfaction is embodied by merlin®.

Superior service is a top priority within our company.
The personal support we provide starts with the initial consultation and never ends.
We are here for our customers, whenever they need us. And we are always delighted to receive daily feedback that reads like fan mail.
Over 99% of our customers are 100% satisfied with our order processing and maintenance work.

“All pending work has been carried out to our fullest satisfaction by your competent fitters”, was the response from Maja Möbelwerk from Germany for example (see figure).

Pfeifer Holz GmbH penned a letter describing the “excellent handling of our air humidification project”, the “faultless functionality” and the fact their “goods no longer dry out”.
Also confirmed are the “user-friendliness and simple operation”, as well as the “noticeable reduction in sick days due to the decrease in fine dust pollution.”

We at merlin® strive for 100% customer satisfaction. Our smiley accompanies us in this.

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