Exhibitions in America and Europe:

Presenting our innovations

In terms of trade fairs, 2018 started off both intensely and successfully for us, and the next innovative presentations are coming right up.

What a premiere!

Our first presentation as Merlin Technology Inc. at the AHR trade fair in Chicago was also a great success for us.

"The presence of Merlin Technology on the American market has been clearly palpable for many years. With the opening of our subsidiary in Chicago, we now have full access to the US market, and the response is beyond our expectations," exclaims US General Manager Dominik Reisinger with regard to the bustling activity at the exhibition booth.
Americans, Pakistanis, Indians, and Koreans all wanted to learn more about humidifying.

US General Manager Dominik Reisinger and CFO of Merlin Technology GmbH Johannes Part at the AHR Expo


The Eurobois exhibition in Lyon, France gained us high-quality requests ranging as far as Morocco. Let’s keep going!

Gérard Gaudin (Project Engineer France) with visitors at the Eurobois in Lyon

At the Holz-Handwerk trade fair in Nuremberg, we’re putting the focus on the VISCORE humidifier system and new wood humidity measuring devices, and we’ll be humidifying a number of exhibition booths.

At MachTech & InnoTech Expo in Sofia, Bulgaria from 26 to 29 March, humidifying solutions for industrial settings will be in the spotlight.

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