Facts to amaze the world

Dry building syndrome is especially pervasive in winter, and it can have serious effects on our health.

Air in the workplace and at home that is too dry can make you ill. Air humidification is not a LUXURY, but a NECESSITY!
We reveal the stunning effects to you today in our popular newsletter column.

Did you know that...

... up to 10,000 litres of air flow through our noses, mouths,
    and lungs every day?

... office workers spend up to 90% of the time in closed spaces?

... the life span, spreading, and immunity of viruses in
    office buildings depends significantly on the humidity?

... ideal humidity of over 40% is deadly for cold and flu viruses
    that are coughed out within a few minutes, but that at
    a humidity of less than 40%, these viruses remain
    capable of infection for hours?

... room air that is too dry can irritate vocal cords and eyes
    and weaken feelings of well-being and performance?

... illnesses affecting breathing and the voice are among
    the most frequent causes of inability to work?

... a humidifying system from Merlin Technology contributes
    to company health management and can ensure
    a healthy environment?

... our compact AIR-C60 provides an air cleaner, air washer,
    and humidifier for small offices in a single device?




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