Facts to amaze the world

People do so much good and help in emergencies.
Did you know that ...       

... Brigitte and Heinz Söllinger from Upper Austria support
    three aid projects in Nepal?

... they thereby give hope to earthquake survivors, oppressed women
    and street children?

... they are campaigning tirelessly for an orphanage?

... they have had an earthquake-proof bamboo school built
    for 500 children, are sponsoring it and are striving
    to support the children in their vocational training?

... they have given donations and medication collected in Austria
    to the MAITI organisation?
    This organisation has been rescuing girls from Indian brothels
    for 25 years.

... they are currently looking for old laptops, notebooks and tablets
    for their school and will hand them over personally together with
    the donations during the Christmas holidays?

... Verena Rösslhumer, the 23 year old from Upper Austria went
    to Ghana for three years to realise a school project?

... the school was able to opened eight months after construction
    started and young people were able to take lessons even if the
    financial means were not available?

... subsequently, toilets, wells, a school shop, a football academy,
    a junior high school, a kindergarten, a school pineapple farm,
    a bakery, an IT room and a library were installed?

... the school operations are to be financed in the future by
    enlarging the pineapple farm and local vegetable growing?

... different afternoon workshops are to foster the children’s
    talents and happiness?

... you can help with a donation during Advent?

Brigitte and Heinz Söllinger
RAIBA Meggenhofen (password Nepal)             
IBAN: AT 97 34313 003 000 19315
BIC: RZOOAT2L313                                

Chance for Ghana
Raiffeisenbank Region Eferding
IBAN: AT07 3418 0800 0194 0402

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