Facts to amaze the world

It is a known fact that calm is the source of strength.
Far Eastern traditions have also known this for a long time, and are proof that it is not only sport that enables top performance; it is also possible to call up tremendous energies without focussing on competition and achievement!
Did you know that 

… energy does not always depend on size or muscle mass?

… everyone has energy beyond muscular level and irrespective of
    age or “power”?

… the Japanese martial art Aikido works on this principle, and although it
    places an emphasis on defensiveness it can also be highly impactful?

… according to its founder Ueshiba Morihei, Aikido is the route to
    spiritual and physical cooperation in harmony with the laws of

… the topic of water plays an important role not only for merlin®,
    but also in Aikido?

… there are exercises in Aikido that build upon the principle of the
    movement of water, and with their aid it is possible to successfully
    stand up to muscle-bound opponents?

 Aikido is training for the body and soul, because it promotes
    movement and fitness, as well as awareness and a response capacity?

… Aikido establishes inner peace, a positive attitude and a smiley face
    in everyday life?

 employees of merlin® also practice Aikido, in order to gain additional
    power and energy?


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