Facts to amaze the world

The smiley symbol goes hand in hand with our company image and has a fascinating story behind it. Did you know that ...              

... American commercial artist Harvey Ball came up with the smiley?

... in 1963, the commercial artist was commissioned to design a badge
    for an insurance company, which would encourage its employees
    to smile while they worked?

... Harvey Ball came up with his simple and all the more effective
    design in ten minutes?

... he was paid a mere 45 dollars for the design?

... within 10 years of his creation, over 50 million smiley badges
    were sold?

... Harvey Ball failed to register a trade mark for his design?

... the French journalist Franklin Loufrani registered the design of the
    stylised smile, which made him a millionaire?

... in 1992, a graffiti artist daubed the streets of Hamburg with
    ten thousand smileys to bring a smile to the people there?

... many emotions can be elicited from just a few dots and lines?

... today there are thousands of different smiley-based emoticons
    that are used to express different emotions?

... the smiley is synonymous with everything we do for our customers
    each day here at merlin®?



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