Facts to amaze the world

Positive and amazing news stories are at the heart of our well-loved newsletter column. Did you know...         

... that the testing of cosmetics on animals will be banned in Australia
    with effect from June 2017?

... that a tourist survived for nine days in the Bolivian jungle thanks to
    a group of monkeys, who looked after him, provided him with fruit
    and led him to water?

... that Stephanie Del Valle from Puerto Rico is the current Miss World?

... that three girls suffering from cancer in the USA got to know one
    another as part of the “Little Heroes” project and that they
    succeeded in beating this terrible disease together?

... that the indefatigable Verena Rösslhumer from Upper Austria
    has founded a school in Ghana, ensuring access to education and
    sport for local children?

... that research into hemp as a natural medicine is being increased and
    that it can contribute to curing cancer?

... that the inventor of lithium-ion batteries invented a super battery
    with a longer lifetime and shorter charging times at the age of 94?



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