Facts to amaze the world

Fine dust is even more dangerous than we previously thought. Did you know that...

  • within the European Union, fine dust reduces life expectancy by around 8.6 months?
  • each year, approximately 348,000 people die prematurely within the EU as a result of fine dust?
  • the smaller the fine and ultra-fine dust particles that you inhale, the more likely you are to develop cancer?
  • fine dust can trigger breathing difficulties, allergic reactions and asthma attacks?
  • people who breathe air that has been contaminated with fine dust have an increased risk of suffering a heart attack?
  • American scientists have identified a link between an increase in the number of flu cases and room air humidity?
  • fine dust with a particle size of < 1 micron reaches the centre of the lungs
  • and ultra-fine dust (< 0.1 micron) actually passes through cell membranes and spreads around the body via the bloodstream?
  • indoor air often has higher levels of particle contamination than outdoor air?
  • 80% of office workers are annoyed by overly dry air in the workplace?
  • the immune response of the mucous membranes is very closely linked to room air humidity?
  • a MERLIN Micro Drop high-pressure air humidifier can reduce the number of particles in the air by around 80%, and can therefore make a valuable contribution to your health?

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