Facts to amaze the world

Are you familiar with the feeling? You’re sitting in the aircraft. Your eyes start itching. Your tongue gets dry. There’s a scratchy feeling in your throat! And worst case scenario, nose bleeds too. Our CEO tested out why this is so in person:

On 7th July, Johann Reisinger took his place in the plane from St. Petersburg to Munich, picked up the measuring device and received the following values before take-off:
Inside temperature: 24 degrees Celsius
Relative air humidity: 51 percent
A few minutes after take-off:
Inside temperature: 27 degrees Celsius
Relative air humidity: Decrease to 23 percent
After 1 hour’s flight time:
Inside temperature: 28.2 degrees Celsius
Relative air humidity: Drop to 8 percent
Before the landing approach in Munich:
Inside temperature: 27.6 degrees Celsius
Relative air humidity: Alarming 6.6 percent
The main trigger for the above symptoms is obvious: Excessively dry air, and this doesn’t even stop at production factories and offices. This is just one of the reasons more and more companies from all industrial sectors around the globe are investing in the modern air humidification systems of MERLIN® Technology.

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