Facts to amaze the world

Many people wish for eternal life. There is a creature living in the Mediterranean Sea that provides an interesting example of this. Did you know that...

  • … the jellyfish "Turritopsis nutricula" is a fountain of youth?
  • ... even though it only measures 5 millimetres in size?
  • ... in its old age, this jellyfish can completely regenerate its cells rather than dying?
  • ... during this process, the cells lose the function that they performed up to that time and return to their initial state?
  • ... "Turritopsis nutricula" can repeat this process as many times as it likes?
  • ... this jellyfish can therefore live forever, just as long as it is not eaten or dried out on land?
  • ... Scientists are undoubtedly working under a lot of pressure to crack its genetic code?
  • ... they are doing this in order to see how the cells are able to simply reverse the ageing process?


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