Hybrid solution: Humidification + cooling

Porschehof Salzburg

"Magic Facts" speak for our ORBIT WING® high-pressure humidification: Up to 98 % evaporation efficiency (With the patented ORBIT WING® humidification system), up to 99 % electrical energy saving (Compared to electric steam humidifiers) and up to 50 % reduced evaporation distance!

We’ve gone a step further than that at Porschehof Salzburg. A single pump station, however featuring two nozzle holders (1 supply air, 1 exhaust air), makes humidification and cooling possible using a single system. The room climate therefore adjusts to every season, and employee complaints about dry air become a thing of the past.

"I’m excited about the system. This technology enables separate systems for setting up the humidifying unit and ventilation device. I like the simple change from winter to summer operations in particular," explains Horst Prodinger, building technology project manager at Porsche Immobilien GmbH. It now calculates with increased energy efficiency. "The energy quantity in the air cooling should mainly be covered by adiabatic cooling, which is therefore a very low-cost energy source," explains Prodinger, who emphasises the simple layout of the system. "The ORBIT WING® system includes many functions directly. This enables smooth embedding in a central control environment and easy subsequent retrofitting of a system. Because a lot attention is paid to life cycle costs during selection of the technology, this provides another reason for using the Merlin System,” highlights Prodinger.

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