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Russian large-scale printer MDM Printing

We listen closely to customer feedback regarding practical use. Today, let’s look at Russia. MDM Printing near St. Petersburg is one of the largest printing firms in the country. In personal conversations between CEO Shaun Hunter and our director Johann Reisinger on-location and at Drupa 2012, the advantages of high-pressure humidification in printing operations clearly laid out.

MDM Printing took quick action and installed our ALPHA multi-zone system including water preparation and eight humidifier modules. “A noticeable increase in productivity and the technical reliability of the low-maintenance ALPHA system won over the responsible people right from the start. Without humidification, operating on this level would not be possible,” summarised Reisinger’s feedback from Russia at that time. And voilà, an investment was made in five additional modules. After 7 years of experience, MDM Printing takes stock.

"The merlin® system is absolutely reliable and runs without problems. We have recorded a reduction in electrostatic charges, and our production employees also benefit from the optimal room humidity during very cold winter,” emphasises CEO Shaun Hunter. Because paper becomes wavy if the air is too humid, a consistently good climate is decisive for profit or loss at printing company. "We’re simply quite satisfied with the system that we have purchased," raves Hunter.

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