Ligna Hanover:

New product in the limelight

High levels of anticipation in the run up to the Ligna! This leading trade fair will see merlin® unveil a new air humidification device, and it is a real humdinger!

Our development team has made its next move and is set to unveil a world first in the air humidity sector at the Ligna.

A new system, which boasts a functional design and our usual outstanding quality, will take centre stage. From a technical point of view, everything has been carefully fine-tuned and we are aiming to once again take some decisive steps forward for the market.
The installation and operation of this world exclusive are highly intuitive and self-explanatory.
The reliability of operation and easy servicing of this low-maintenance system are particularly impressive.

An original from merlin®, which visitors to the Ligna will be the first to get their hands on. Welcome to the front row!  

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