NEW! Digital comfort climate measuring device TH-C

Measuring technology is one of our favourite areas, and the MERLIN TH-C is the most recent fruit of this.

Comfort and climate go hand-in-hand with one another. The TH-C digital thermo-hygrometer is a perfect example of this. During flu epidemics, its preventative action really comes into its own. Insufficient room air humidity during the colder months of the year promotes the outbreak of disease. This makes it all the more important to maintain constant control of the air humidity and temperature within the room. Ideally, you would like to have all of this information available to you at a single glance. And why shouldn't you? The new TH-C digital thermo-hygrometer from MERLIN fulfils this wish without any ifs or buts. Not only does it provide you with precise measurements, it also gives you a general overview of comfort, presented against the pleasant MERLIN-blue LED backlighting. With us, smart design comes as standard! And because you are sure to sleep much better with the correct level of air humidity, we have also incorporated an alarm and snooze function. Don't forget: what's good for people is also good for materials and machines. For this reason, the MERLIN TH-C is an essential tool when it comes to ensuring ongoing quality control. Costly damage to products can only be prevented with sufficient air humidity.

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