NEW EVO meter series

For years, the EVO meters for wood, building and air humidity have been well established on the global market. However, our pursuit of perfection will not let us be and has driven us on to a new series, by which we’re really happy to be measured.
Quick selection of characteristics, measurement evaluation, an accelerated processor clock and the robust housing are NEW and come as standard. The measure of all things is and remains the precision of every single use. With EVO WW (for planed surfaces) and EVO SM (for rough), we are always ready with the right wood humidity meter. The EVO CC building humidity meter determines the water content with meticulous precision.
And it gets even more practical! Our EVO FC wood humidity combination device rapidly and non-destructively measures the moisture of screed and other floorings. The option to connect external sensors is new. This is also available for the EVO AC building humidity-air humidity combination meter. Its fields of application in the building and construction sector have earned the attribute: “Versatile”.

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