New high pressure pump with sensational added value


We are confidently describing our brand-new high pressure pump in the VISCORE air humidification system as a sensation.

The maintenance interval of modern high pressure pumps is roughly 700 hours - we have extended this cycle to an unbelievable 5,000 operating hours. An increase by a factor of 7, a whole new dimension! And standard with our VISCORE since October. The year-long development work has paid off.

Our customers are saving time and money, thanks to the greatly reduced labour requirements. Fewer oil and seal changes also make a valuable contribution to environmental protection.

The service-friendly high pressure pump is extremely reliable and runs even more quietly than its predecessor. It matches perfectly with the “DNA” of the VISCORE air humidification system, which is characterised by high quality materials, leading-edge sensor technology and logical menu guidance. The system can be self-installed, pays for itself quickly and establishes an excellent room climate for man, materials and machines. A more profitable investment is simply not possible!

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