People with disabilities deliver top quality

20 years of cooperation with heart and soul

20 years ago, our company founder, Johann Reisinger, decided to cooperate with sheltered workshops. "It was a heart-felt decision that I have never regretted. Each one of us can suffer a stroke of fate that changes our lives from one day to the next. If those affected can still go about working productively, it's worth an awful lot," stressed our boss.

The association "FAB Pro.Work" in Ried is synonymous with protected work in companies, and in the meantime, it's developed into one of our most reliable quality suppliers. "We assemble the humidification modules for Merlin Technology, subject them to precise testing and prepare them for shipment. Our employees are incredibly proud to work with products that are delivered all over the world," said workshop manager Johann Schrattenecker, describing the enthusiasm of his team. High-quality parts and equipment components for our Viscore high-pressure humidification system are produced by TEAMwork in Linz, where around 80 % of the workforce have impairments. "It's very motivating for our employees to use their knowledge and skills to manufacture high-quality components for Merlin's top-of-the-line products. We hope the partnership remains very successful for both parties for a very long time," highlighted Managing Director Andrea Huber.

In any case, Merlin Technology gets quality of the highest level in return. That's why we'll continue on our chosen path out of conviction. "Occupational integration is an opportunity for all of us. It's not fruit baskets and table football tables that make up a social enterprise, but cooperation with heart and soul,” explains Johann Reisinger.

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