Refreshing ultrasonic aerosols

A study by the Bornim agricultural engineering institute in Potsdam (Germany) impressively proves the savings potential attained by using ultrasonic counter humidification >> in the retail of foodstuffs. The product loss ratio was reduced by 65 to 70 per cent with proper storage when the equipment was used. The energy consumption compared to conventional air conditioning is reduced up to 93 per cent. When measured on the basis of the total turnover of the fruit and vegetable department under examination, this meant an acquired annual surplus of 6000 to 7000 Euros for the 4 metre-long test sales area alone.

In addition to loss reduction, the study also testifies to the positive effect of the humidification system on sales. Because the products stay fresh and crisp for longer.

MERLINultrasonic air humidifiers >> atomise water into an ultrafine aerosol (ca. 1 µ) mist by high-frequency oscillations. This mist mixes with the ambient air and evaporates completely which also has an air-conditioning effect simultaneously. The combination of AquaDrain, ozone generator, completely desalinated water, UV reactor (optional), air filters and special materials ensure the highest hygiene standards. Another advantage of the MERLIN® FINESSE is the easy installation and maintenance.

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