Smash hit!

New VISCORE air humidification system

When futuristic design meets future-oriented technology, it has to be merlin®. Our new VISCORE air humidification system is a smash hit in every respect.  

There are no second chances when it comes to making first impressions! That’s why our new VISCORE direct room humidification system has a fresh look that shows off our ground-breaking technology in an impressive way.
This modular system is pretty much unbeatable thanks to its logic and versatility. Its simple self-assembly and intuitive menu navigation on the colourful graphic touch panel of the central PLC control are also worthy of note, as are the high-pressure interval switching and the unrestricted controllability of each individual zone.
We are happy to be judged on the system’s level of operational safety and its low maintenance as well. You would never guess that the VISCORE air humidification system achieves the highest level of sanitation from its low operating costs.
Could you ask for any more? Maybe not, but that won’t stop us from continuing to develop!    

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