Success Story

merlin® & Sparkasse OÖ

Franz Ortner, responsible for facility management at Sparkasse OÖ, talks about his experience with the merlin® air humidification system in an interview.

Where is the humidification system used?

Office areas of the Sparkasse Business Center in Linz-Urfahr

Why was it necessary to purchase an air humidification system?

Our Sparkasse Business Center in Linz-Urfahr has been one of the central administrative buildings of the Sparkasse OÖ for years. In the winter months, due to the lower outside air humidity and the space heating we weren’t achieving the required level of relative humidity. Stopgap solutions such as small room humidifiers did not achieve the desired results. Therefore, we decided to invest in the central air humidification system of merlin®.

What have you noticed since you put the air humidification system into operation?

The relative room humidity has normalized since we put the system into operation and is at a pleasant level now, even in the dry winter months.

Why would you recommend merlin®?

Starting with the friendly initial contact to the competent planning, professional handling and installation to putting the system into operation, training and handover, the entire project was well handled and implemented according to the state of the art.

Anything else you want to tell us?

If we require an air humidification system in any of our other buildings, we will get in touch with merlin® again.

About Franz Ortner’s Position

Franz Ortner is involved in Facility Management of Sparkasse OÖ, predominantly responsible for technical concerns.

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