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The “life cycle” of a cotton T-shirt consumes energy, the per capital CO2 emissions in different countries now vary greatly, and the astonishing was already possible 30 years ago. Did you know that ...

... in 2016 in Germany, a total of around 710,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions resulted from the production of textiles, clothing, leather and leather goods?
... according to a study, a cotton T-shirt could account for up to 11 kilograms of CO2?
... this value is derived from the sum of cotton cultivation, manufacture, distribution, transport, catalogue, packaging, consumption phase and disposal?
... in 2017, the per capita CO2 emissions in Qatar was 30.36, in the USA it stood at 14.61 tons, and in Austria 7.38 tons?
... 30 years ago, Audi demonstrated that it is possible to achieve an average fuel consumption of 1.76 litres per 100 km with a diesel car? You can find the fascinating ZDF report from that time by visiting
... each one of us can do something for the environment by living and buying with greater awareness?




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