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Water is vital for life. That’s why it’s so important to treat this precious substance with care. Unfortunately, this doesn’t always happen as we would like. Did you realise that ...

..."virtual water" refers to the quantity of water that is actually consumed during the complete production chain of a product?
... nearly every product contains virtual water?
... a bar of chocolate contains up to 1,700 litres, a cotton t-shirt contains up to 2,500 litres, a pair of jeans contains up to 8,000 litres, and 1 kg of roasted coffee contains an average of 21,000 litres of virtual water?
... The production of 1 kg of potatoes in Germany consumes up to 10 litres of virtual water, but the same requires up to several hundred in Egypt?
... regional and seasonal foods require much less water than the corresponding imported goods do, and food from the region do not use water that is lacking in regions with reduced drinking water?
... we spray water with our humidifying systems to save water? If the room climate is suitable, we can avoid product damage with water-intensive defect correction and disposal!
... we can all save virtual water by using electronic devices, furniture, textiles, and food for as long as possible?



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