The world needs positive things


There is still warmth in this world! Throughout the year, people demonstrate an impressive social and voluntary commitment. Did you know that...

... the German population donated a whopping 5.2 billion euros in 2017 and the donation frequency per person climbed to a record high of 6.9 donations per person?

... the volume of donations per inhabitant in Switzerland in 2017 amounts to a considerable € 196.93, but the USA is the world leader at € 1,113 per inhabitant?

... in 2018 the Austrians supported the aid projects of non-profit organisations with an estimated 675 million euros, which would amount to a new record?

... children in Austria are the preferred donor recipients at 25 %, followed by animals and domestic disasters?

... in Germany alone, more than 14 million people volunteered in 2016 and 52 % of 14 to 17 year-olds took part in voluntary activities?

... approx. 3 million volunteers in Austria engage in about 720 million voluntary hours per year, which corresponds to a workload of around 400,000 full-time employees whose annual wage costs would amount to at least 16 billion euros?

... in Switzerland, every fourth citizen works on a voluntary basis and is engaged for around 15 hours per month, which corresponds to a total of more than 740 million hours?


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