The world needs positive things

Summer time in our column

The warm season is an unbelievable force and provides movement in the natural world. Did you actually know that ...

... about 80% of blossoms are pollinated by bees?

... Bees do a tremendous job of pollination? To produce 1 kg of honey, a bee must collect 3 kg of nectar which means it needs to visit 15 million flowers (!).

... hormonal changes in the human brain stimulate the energy metabolism of the organism and we can feel fitter and happier again?

... the colours have a positive effect on us: Yellow brightens the mood, red stimulates the circulation, green has a purifying and cleansing effect, orange promotes a good mood and spirit.

... the relative humidity in the rooms becomes more constant and healthier, but an air humidification system ensures a comfortable climate all year round?



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