Then you're in trouble!

Make sure you have a healthy climate at home and at work!

Air humidification is a necessity. Did you know...
... people spend up to 90% of the time in closed, increasingly air-tight rooms and breathe in around 15 kg of air each day, the quality of which is particularly dubious in offices?
... a poor indoor climate is a health risk and makes mucous membranes susceptible to viruses?
... the nose, mouth, throat and bronchi are in a constant fight for thirsty air and if the air humidity is too low then your body functions may deteriorate?
... when there is dryness stress, it is also possible to observe and measure changes in the eyes, skin, brain, kidneys and blood?
... there is evidence that chronic illnesses of the respiratory system are increasing?
... the dryer the inhaled air, the more dust it contains?
... the heating period is the ideal time to switch to better air humidity?
... that if you want to have a healthy climate at home and at work, you should get in touch with us now?


Fachartikel "Die Nase ist unsere Klimaanlage" von Dr. med. Walter Hugentobler

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