Training at merlin®

The platform for market success

When dealers and partners from all over the world meet at our company headquarters for training sessions, together we can conquer the market.

Training sessions in German and English are en vogue at merlin®, and for good reason.

The rapid developments to our innovative products is making the whole network curious.

Traders and partners from Austria, Germany, Switzerland, France, the UK, Bulgaria, Turkey, the Czech Republic, Portugal, Catalonia, Romania, Latvia and Belarus have all been coming and going.

Our presentation of innovations such as VISCORE & Co were cause for much enthusiasm.

"Our training sessions promote a closeness to merlin® around the world. We always have someone on-site who knows the local language and ensures that the systems work perfectly”, said Managing Director Johannes Part.

Training sessions at merlin® are not monologues, but a driver of innovation with an active exchange of ideas.

“We experience first-hand what the individual markets require and can conquer these together”, said Part.

More and more guests from the USA are also coming to our training sessions. We’ll tell you the reason for this in the next newsletter :-).

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