What customers have to say after several years

Scheucher Holzindustrie GmbH:

At Merlin Technology, we look after our customers  –even after the sale of humidification systems and measuring instruments. In order to live up to our superior claim and constantly develop it further, experience gained from practical application is still important to us after a number of years.

Scheucher Holzindustrie has invested in Merlin products several times already. What once began with measuring instruments has continued over the years with the installation and expansion of humidification systems. First in the parquet production hall and then in the office building. At the time, operations manager Karl Kaufmann said: "We know the value of air humidification in our halls and private homes, and we are convinced of Merlin quality. We now enjoy a pleasant and healthy working environment." Years later, Kaufmann reaffirmed his view on the basis of his practical experience. "Without the humidification system in winter, scrap levels in the production process would increase. The feeling of well-being is very pleasant, and we are also very satisfied with the service. The fact that we are currently investing in further air humidification systems from Merlin proves that the quality is right", says Kaufmann who emphasises: "In Merlin Technology, we have a very good and agreeable partner with innovative strength from which we also benefit." See also

Business relationship since: 2003
Number of operating hours: 42 070

Consistently favourable climate over decades.

The feedback from a Russian printing company will appear in the next issue.

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