When mucous membranes are open to viruses

Very dry air in the offices

Up to 10,000 litres of air flow through the nose, mouth and lungs every day. Considering that office workers spend up to 90 % of their working time indoors, the importance of the air quality that is inhaled quickly becomes clear. As part of the "Healthy air – Healthy eye" campaign, measurements were carried out in 100 offices - with alarming results. "High levels of CO2, air that is too dry and too warm as well as fine dust from printers & co – the air quality, especially in offices, leaves much to be desired" stresses Thomas Schlatte from the platform. In every fourth office, the humidity was below 40 percent and the temperature was up to 26 °C. This leads to the mucous membranes opening and becoming more susceptible to viruses. While an optimum air humidity of more than 40 % is fatal for aerosol flu and cold viruses within minutes, they remain infectious for hours at values below that level. The eyes also suffer from dry air and screen work aggravates the situation. No less than 86 % of all those asked complained about health problems such as dry and burning eyes and headaches. Excessively dry ambient air can also irritate the vocal chords and impair well-being and performance.

What’s more, disorders of the respiratory system and the vocal apparatus are among the most common causes of lost work time. However, our air humidification systems ensure a healthy indoor climate. With the compact AIR-C60, we also have an efficient appliance in our product line for small offices that does a great job as an air purifier, air washer and humidifier.


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