Working for our customers with power

Pursuing a career with focus on the customer

We are among the best in the industry anywhere in the world with our air humidification systems and measurement technology. Behind it, there are people with enthusiasm. Anyone who delivers performance within our company can pursue a career.

Florian Wimmer (pictured left) has worked his way up from production foreman to technical manager within 4 years. “Here everyone pulls together so that we always find the best solution for our customers. This is tremendously motivating, and a wide range of technical knowledge is worth its weight in gold”, says Wimmer.

Christoph Auer (pictured right) has also made use of his opportunities in the production area. Technical procurement, customer service and a degree course in automation engineering were the rungs on his career ladder. When it comes to new developments in hardware and software nowadays, Auer is always on board. “Our systems are used in the wood, paper, aviation and car industries, and even in 4D cinemas. It’s a great challenge”, says the programmer with enthusiasm. Auer appreciates the flat hierarchy and the personal contact within our company. Anyone who says chief or boss, pays for a round at the next company party. Or maybe two”, says Auer.

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