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Landesverlag Druckservice has converted to Merlin Technology

Newspaper printing benefits from air humidification

Paper is sensitive and needs a constant room humidity. This is also known at the Landesverlag Druckservice Wels, where 15,000 tonnes of paper are processed annually for the production of newspapers.

For economic and environmental reasons, the outdated steam humidification system was recently replaced by Merlin Technology's ALPHA high-pressure humidification system. "The significantly lower maintenance and operating costs of this system convinced us, as did the flawless project implementation," stresses Adolf Ruttinger, Head of Maintenance.

Up to 99 % electrical energy saving*
Merlin Managing Director Johann Reisinger underlines the advantages with facts. "Switching from steam humidification to high-pressure humidification generally results in electrical energy savings up to 99 %. Every CO2 reduction will help meet climate goals and in turn save costs. In addition, the enormous maintenance efforts are reduced to a minimum with the changeover.  Our systems are suitable for industry 4.0," says Reisinger.

Noticeable impacts
All production halls and the paper warehouse at the Landesverlag Druckservice Wels are now being humidified by the Merlin ALPHA system and the investment is already showing results. "Humidification and cleaning of the room air is being achieved with low maintenance costs and the maintenance effort is actually low. With the clear visualisation, the system can be optimally operated," says Ruttinger, taking stock a few months after commissioning.

Revolutionary high-performance nozzles      
Every ALPHA system is designed by Merlin Technology to be solution-oriented and can be mounted flexibly. The finest atomisation of the water with an aerosol size of 11 microns is a trend-setting innovation from Merlin Technology. At Landesverlag Druckservice Wels, the zones can also be individually regulated, controlled and humidified. The separate regulation of the running and pause times for each individual zone is generally a major advantage of Merlin systems. A unique feature on the market is the safety circuitry that makes overhumidification impossible. The oil- and maintenance-free stainless steel high-pressure pump guarantees perfect hygiene and minimum service effort. "Merlin high-pressure humidification is recommended as an environmentally friendly and reliable humidification option," says Ruttinger.



* Compared to electric steam humidifiers

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